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The organised garage

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The organised garage

The organised garage

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Car park, man cave, bike rack, tool-shed, whatever it is called in your place, take a moment now to give an honest appraisal of your garage… Is it really as ‘good’ as it could be?  Can you actually fit two cars in and still open the doors?  What is your best time to find that right sized phillips-head screwdriver to change the batteries in the kids’ toys?  Garages can quickly become the dumping ground for the whole family, muddy shoes, unwanted Christmas presents, old toys and anything that can’t fit in a cupboard inside!  

Whether you are getting ready to move into your new Carlisle home or been settled in for a while, there is something for everyone in our #GarageOrganisation checklist.

1. Start with a blank canvas

Completely empty the garage space and take the time to analyse how you will use the area.  According to some garage organisation specialists it is recommended to consider parking the car on the left front-facing and the car on the right reversed in. This ensures the driver access is always clear of items stored on the sides of the garage.  (If reverse parking into your garage seems a daunting task you may want to check out an electronic parking aid or parking pads to perform the manoeuvre with precision).


(images sourced from Pinterest)

2. Clutter be gone!

It’s no use taking up space in your removal truck with items that really should be in the ‘hard rubbish’ pile!  Be brutal and decide what is necessary to keep, what should be thrown out and what can be safely donated or sold to someone else, and stick to it!  A great tip is to book a skip to make it easier to follow through on your clean up, and maybe book a weekend garage sale to make a little spare cash! 

3. Storage zones

An idea to get a visual perspective on the storage space is to mark areas/zones onto the garage floor with chalk.  Consider frequency of access, i.e. stuff used every day (like bikes and other sporting equipment), things used a few times per year (like camping gear) and the annual items (like Christmas trees and Halloween decorations)and organise accordingly.  What items are needed close to the internal access door, and what other specialised space is required?  Some ideas might be,

  • Kids toy/bike zone,
  • Workbench and tool storage zone,
  • Muddy shoe/umbrella storage,
  • Garden equipment (rakes, hoses, shovels etc) zone
  • Sporting gear storage,
  • Gym workout area,
  • Fridge/freezer zone,
  • Shoe, coat, school rack.


(images sourced from Pinterest)

4. Everything has a name

You’re in the clean-up mode so make the most of it!  Any storage boxes should be labelled with easy to read descriptions of contents (this is not the time to be quirky and creative!).  All fixings and tools (such as drill bits) should be grouped and labelled to make it simple to find what you need to complete those home DIY projects.


5. Nothing on the floors

Make some garage rules and stick to them.  Nothing to sit on the floor – a place for everything and everything in its place...Maximise the vertical and ceiling space as much as possible with purpose built shelving, racks, storage boards and hooks.  Check out the garage sections at Bunnings and Masters for some great ready-made systems and clever storage ideas to help contain all your stuff! 


(image sourced from Bunnings)

On a rainy day, the garage with the cars removed and the door closed can become a great play area for kids, or the perfect home gym.  Check out options for a specialised garage floor that can easily be installed using interlocking tiles that can provide a clean non-slip surface, stain resistance and easy maintenance.

Here are some other sites to check out for more inspiration!


Bunnings DIY blogs

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