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The Master Bedroom Sanctuary

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The Master Bedroom Sanctuary

The Master Bedroom Sanctuary

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For many, decorating the master suite is left to last, an area not always seen by visitors. But don’t make this space an afterthought, it’s an opportunity to experiment with a different looks and personalities. The master bedroom can have many different purposes, evolving as family situations change. Maybe you use some of the space as a home office or temporary nursery? Is it the perfect spot for that cozy chair within easy reach of your home library, above all, for most it is a place to retreat and relax; your very own sanctuary.

Luxury hotel suites can be a great source of inspiration for bedroom decorating ideas, take note during your next stay or look at some virtual tours on line. You can capture the hotel look with dramatic hanging pendant lighting and individual switches, replacing traditional bedside lamps to create a relaxing soft mood. Complete the sense of luxury with mirrored side tables, featured in the Sanctuary display home at the Somerfield Estate, to reflect the soft light effects or a free standing full length mirror for a deluxe boudoir feel.

SetWidth870 Sanctuary 48 Master Suite 087 Somerfield 1

Soft tones, such as muted greys and off whites can enhance the retreat feel of a master bedroom or add an essence of energy with a pop of colour. According to Dulux, teal is the colour of choice for 2014, partner feature colour cushions or simple artwork with crisp whites to truly waken the senses each morning.

A feature wall with textured or custom print wallpaper can create a stylish effect to tie the overall bedroom theme together. Check out the stunning Augusta display at Greenvale Gardens for interesting use of timber cladding for a more traditional look and a stunning centrepiece.

SetWidth870 Augusta 33 Master Suite 047 Greenvale Gardens G

Bed heads are very much on trend at the moment, choose from a raw reclaimed timber feature or a more glamourous upholstered silk to set the theme like the Vaucluse Hampton’s Lifestyle at the Somerfield Estate, Keysborough. Partner with luxurious textured bed linen with a ‘lived in’ look by layering differently toned elements.

SetWidth870 Vaucluse 45 Master Suite 083 Somerfield

Whilst re-styling your entire home for each season is not practical or affordable, you can satisfy your need for change by using neutral tones for the base of the master suite and styling up with accessories and linen to match the season. Looking at bright fresh colours for spring, check out colour suggestions in Dulux’s Retro Visionaries Collection, and maybe the Precious Elementals for the cooler months.

Lavish floor rugs placed partly under beds can add that touch of extra comfort and cosiness to the bedroom whilst adding an element of style and elegance. A large oversize reading chair or chaise lounge can completes the picture in the Matisse display home at Selandra Rise in Clyde - the ultimate haven from the busyness of the world.

SetWidth870 Matisse 33 Master Suite 166 Selandra Rise

In addition to seeking inspiration from more than 65 different master bedroom styles within the Carlisle display home network, have a browse through some of the clever Houzz Ideabooks, check out Master Bedrooms that Take Command or Going Moody in the Master Bedroom.

Styling your master suite is your chance to explore colours and textures, create the retreat you have always dreamed of and can look forward to relaxing in at the end of each day.

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