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The laundry… the forgotten room

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The laundry… the forgotten room

The laundry… the forgotten room

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Your ‘dream home’ scrapbook is overflowing with magazine cuttings and sticky notes and your Pinterest boards are packed with dreamy living rooms, alfresco areas to die for and ultimate kitchens.  But, how many laundry pics have you saved?  In fact, do you have any real plans or ideas for this forgotten room? 

While it is definitely not the most glamourous of rooms, it can become the epicentre of household functionality so make sure you get it right!  Think broader than the primary ‘wash house’ function and you may find this versatile room could be bumped up in the importance rankings.

Firstly, get the base right, Tamara Spencer from Spectra shares her top tips in how to choose the right product options for your new laundry space,

  • Design your benches and cupboard space to accommodate your appliances – front or top loading washing machines, wall mounted or under-bench clothes dryers etc.,
  • Do you need room for an ironing board - consider a built in ironing board,
  • Laundry hampers are a hidden gem – will your cupboard layout accommodate one or two (darks/whites) hampers?
  • Make a good start with a list of what loose items you have in your current laundry (ironing basket, brooms, mops, etc.) and where you can store it all,
  • What storage facilities are on your laundry wish list?

You’ll get plenty of great design ideas from the Carlisle display homes where Danielle Taylor, Interior Design Manager, advises that it is important to keep the style theme consistent through to the laundry.  These utility rooms are mainly situated adjacent to kitchen areas, so a good tip is to match the cabinetry for a complementary style and colour flow.


Carrington on display at Timbertop estate, Officer.

Just because this room is predominantly a workspace doesn’t mean you should skip the addition of décor elements, some artwork pieces can really warm up and soften the area.


Illuka on display at Featherbrook estate, Point Cook.

Key to ensuring your laundry doesn’t become a room lost in piles of dirty washing, the graveyard for cleaning products or the dumping ground for ‘not sure where to file’ items is creating a functional workspace with a clear understanding of the room’s purpose!  If the room is maintained as clean and uncluttered your clothes washing duties may even become enjoyable?

Does your laundry work as the #mudroom, the place to leave muddy shoes, wet coats and umbrellas?  If so, you might think about including stylish coat hooks to keep the coats off the ground!  Check out the Pavillion on display at the Aston Estate, Craigieburn and the Atlantique on display at Berwick Waters Estate, Clyde North.  


Check out this custom made ‘mud room locker’ and clever coat and shoe ‘drop off area’ (from Howard’s Storage) for the epitome of organisation! 


(source: Pinterest)                                                                (Source: Howard’s Storage)

Maybe the garage is full with larger sports equipment like bikes and surfboards, leaving not much room for hard to store basketballs and other gear.  A compact storage Sports Ball Rack from Howard’s is a clever solution to keep the balls from becoming an accident risk while still being easy to access for the kids.

For families with crafty kids or toddlers that like play doh, the laundry can become the perfect art room.  If running out of time to put away the art projects before the guests arrive, you can simply shut the door!  An Ikea cube shelf and children’s table in the laundry means that art supplies can be neatly stored and a dedicated workspace is created.


(Source: Pinterest)                                                                 (Source: Howard’s Storage)   

Kids have a tendency to drop their school bags in the middle of the hallway for everyone to fall over!  New house rule, hang your bag in the laundry!  Install some fun hooks at ‘kid’ height to make the chore easier and reduce the trip hazard!


(Source: Pinterest)

Some other ideas to get you thinking are,

  • Is there some dead space behind the door you could use to add hooks, include a mount for the ironing board or hang the brooms and mops?
  • What lighting do you need to fit the room’s activities?
  • Are additional power and data points required for future use?
  • Will you need a pet door for easy access, this may change the door type you choose?

View all of the Carlisle Homes design themes via our extensive image galleries and virtual tours and plan your display home tour of our stunning homes.  Register for our next Spectra Sneak Peak Evening and meet our interior designers to start your new home journey.  

For a behind the scenes experience and to get the scoop direct from the design team, be sure to follow us on Instagram, @Carlislehomes.

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