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The Carlisle Homes website has been refreshed

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The Carlisle Homes website has been refreshed

The Carlisle Homes website has been refreshed

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We’ve just launched an easier to use, more customer focused website.

At Carlisle we’re always looking at ways to further improve our service and the experience that our customers, like you, have with us.

An important part of this experience is our website – which is why we’re delighted with the latest new updates that have been made to to improve the user experience, functionality and overall usefulness of the site.

1. Improved Home Filter search functions

With so many superb designs on offer from Carlisle, finding the perfect match for you is now easier than ever.

Within the Home Filter area of the site we now offer a Quick View button so you can get the key dimensions of the home without navigating away from the filter page.


We’ve also added the ability to filter homes by lifestyle preference. So, whether you’re a single or couple, a young family, a family with teenagers, an extended family or you’re looking to downsize, this tool instantly filters out the homes that don’t apply to your lifestyle situation.

2. Easy-to-use Home Comparison tool

Not sure which great Carlisle home is best for you? With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can quickly and easily line up four different homes side-by-side to compare their specifications, dimensions and even floor plans.


Plus, because you’re likely to be coming back to the Carlisle website on a regular basis, we’ve added the ability to save your favourites for referring to later.

3. Floor plan flexibility

Many of our home designs offer the flexibility to change your floor plan to suit the way you live. Want to add a shower to your powder room? Add a larger walk-in-robe to your master suite? 

With our new Structural Options function, you can do this and see exactly what it looks like on your floor plan – with just the click of a button.


4. See your Carlisle Home like never before

We’re really proud of the way our Carlisle homes look which is why we make sure our photographs are as spectacular as the homes. With our new full-screen Image Galleries, you can now scroll through these shots and see them in all their glory!


Our Virtual Tours have also been enhanced. If you’re viewing a Virtual Tour on an iPad, for example, the in-built gyroscope helps create an exciting user experience. Simply click on the Home Design you are interested in, and select the Virtual Tours icon.

5. Improved searchability for Carlisle House and Land Packages

You can now search based on package features, including price and house size parameters, or search by estate with easy click-to-view packages by location.


6. Finding Carlisle Homes has never been easier

With 21 Display Centres located across Melbourne, Carlisle Homes has made finding your nearest Display Centre and planning your trip easy. We’ve incorporated a Plan Your Route function, with Driving Directions and location details a few clicks and an SMS away.


7. Now the dollars make sense

Want to know how your finances stack up? We’ve added a suite of nine new finance and mortgage calculator tools within the Loan Studio pages of the website, to help determine your borrowing power, stamp duty, loan repayments, budget planning and much more.


So we invite you to explore and enjoy all the new additions and functions on the updated and refreshed Carlisle Homes website.

Let us know what you think, and feel free to comment below on your favourite features or any refinements you would like added.

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