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The cane resurgence

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The cane resurgence

The cane resurgence

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This year, in particular, we have seen a renaissance of natural home interior accents. If it points to nature, people are embracing the trend and it is a style that is not going anywhere, any time soon. The best thing is the accessibility of these resilient elements, like cane or rattan (to be more specific), which can be bought new or literally found in thrift shops, garage sales or even in nature itself. It is also very easy to incorporate this organic material into your decor. So perhaps that is why this vastly accessible and affordable accent is dominating the design world right now.

Naturally Dreaming
Forget being all coordinated and matched, cane is such a wonderful fibre and can add real texture and an eclectic mix of natural. Think rustic, raw wood finishings, contrasted with smooth wood and soft organic cotton fabrics.

Images found using Inspire Gallery by Carlisle

Great outdoors undercover
Outdoor cane furniture most definitely brings a glamourous sophistication to any alfresco area or veranda, not least of all because of its amazing durability, but its versatility too. It can be ‘dressed-up’ or ‘toned-down’ to blend in seamlessly with your homes’ particular architectural design. The possibilities are truly endless and can be accessorised with high end vases, pillows and side tables or kept elegantly simple by keeping the fixtures modest.

Images found at (left) The Illawarra on display at The Address Point Cook (middle) (right)

Entertaining Nature
It has never been easier to create a whimsical atmosphere in your dining room by marrying nature with other natural elements like wood, stone and granite. The combination instantly creates a festive vibe and allows you to use baskets of fruit, plants or even dried twigs in a vase, as features to enhance the rustic look that is so on trend right now.

Images found at (left) (middle) The Radison on display at the Aston Estate Craigieburn (right)

Eclectically Natural
Cane or rattan is such a versatile fibre and can have so many functions, therefore allowing it to be utilised in so many ways - it will literally find a place in every room within your home; all without looking like you have flogged the trend to death or tried too hard to be in vogue.

Images fouind at (left) The Bellmont on display at the Woodlea Estate Rockbank (middle) (right) The Arlington on display at Warrililly Estate Coast

Inexpensive cane storage solutions come to the rescue here. Be adventouous and turn your extra whicker stowing areas into a fashionable feature. Clutter is a given so why not think ‘outside the basket’ and embrace the current rattan trend while, decluttering as well.

Images found at (left) (middle) (right) (far right)

For a behind the scenes experience and to get the scoop direct from the design team, be sure to follow us on Instagram, @Carlislehomes.

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