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Spring has sprung…and it’s fabulous!

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Spring has sprung…and it’s fabulous!

Spring has sprung…and it’s fabulous!

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Although to many, Spring symbolises the end to the cold depths of Winter, for those that love to entertain, it’s time to open up the doors and host our friends and family alfresco - ‘inside-out’ - style! But first, let’s get the house ready, banish the Winter season from every crevice of our home (and heart), refresh our rooms and maybe discover a new Spring look! Let’s start with these Top 5 tips to make the most of Spring time.

Back to basics
Don’t think of it as a Spring clean, as you may never get started! Focus on peeling back the layers of each room to a blank canvas and start again. Hang your cushions out on the line on those sunny days to air out the winter nasties, and throw all the heavy throw rugs into the wash (or dry cleaner). Early Spring does still have some cooler evenings, so put out your lighter throws in place of the faux furs, it will give the whole room an airier feel. You can’t go wrong with crisp white linen for the bedroom, accented with pops of Spring colour to have you bounding out of bed in the morning.

Bellmont on display at Woodlea Estate, Rockbank and Illawarra on display at The Address Point Cook.

Make a list
As you take a critical eye to your rooms, what to keep, what to store away, what to toss, it is also a good time to start a repair ‘wish list’. Not everything has to be done on day one, but if your list is displayed so that all members of the household see it each day, it may inspire some motivation that has been dormant over the winter months. We have a tendency to hoard in Winter, meaning coffee tables and kitchen benches can house piles of nick-knacks and paperwork, so be sure to add storage ideas to your list.

De-clutter that wardrobe space (Vaucluse on display at Somerfield Estate, Keysborough ) and re-think your pantry storage (Sorrento on display at Mernda Villages, Mernda)

Subtle accessorising
Change of season – change of accessories. Or maybe a rotation is more feasible. While Spring conjures images of colour, don’t turn your rooms into a psychedelic headache, think subtle transition from Winter to Spring. Pops of nature-inspired colours in cushions and table top ornaments will have you seasonally adjusted in no time. Tinted glass trinkets are a beautiful Spring accessory, capturing the sun’s rays and filling your room with a lovely warm glow.

Montague on display at Woodlea Estate, Rockbank and Vitreluxe Glass Vases from West Elm.

Fresh smell
It’s no use trying to make the most of the fresh Spring air, if Winter is still hanging around like a bad smell at your place! A great idea is to add some ground coffee beans to your bin cupboard or even in your fridge for a fresh take on life. It might be on your repair list, but a dose of bi-carb and vinegar to (all your) sinks will get rid of stale cooking odours. If baking cookies before guests arrive (to get that fresh baked aroma) isn’t your thing, try boiling some hot water, cinnamon sticks, orange peel and vanilla for a heavenly homemade scent. And, you can’t beat the natural efficiency of indoor plants to purify the air and add the true essence of Spring.

Sheraton on display at The Address Estate, Point Cook.

Flower power
Of course, we wouldn’t be true to Spring if we didn’t include flowers. Nowadays, you can get flowers all year ‘round, regardless of the season, but something about the start of Spring, just makes us want to fill our rooms with blooms! However, if you are of the sneezy population you should try tulips or lilies as they are low allergenic and kinder to our sinuses! Or, give a DIY terranium a try for a great family project!

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