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Simple Sound Proofing

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Simple Sound Proofing

Simple Sound Proofing

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Imagine being able to enjoy that sleep-in you always yearn for on a Sunday morning. You wake up from a wonderful sleep and realise how peaceful the household is. After wandering down to the living areas to see if the kids are awake (and yes, they are!), you think to yourself ‘hang on; the kids are being their usual noisy selves!’

Well, welcome to sound proofing.

Sleep-ins, reducing noisy traffic or neighbours is well within reach when you choose to sound proof your home. Innovative sound proofing techniques allow you to maximise the enjoyment of time spent inside your home by reducing noise caused by interior and exterior sources. Deck out your dream home theatre room so you can host the ultimate movie sessions for friends or family; soundproof your bathroom or laundry to contain any unwanted noise or even the rumpus or activity areas. Whatever your needs, there is a sound proofing option to suit you.

Some tips on sound proofing:

Standard Insulation Batts: Carlisle Homes already includes standard insulation batts to the external walls of your home; this gives you a head start to sound proofing your home!

Acoustic Batts: Upgrading to acoustic batts that are installed into the walls of your home not only provide acoustic benefits but also provides thermal and fire insulation properties. These can be fitted into a double storey home, a single floor space or individual rooms like a rumpus or home theatre.

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Acoustic plasterboard: You already have standard plasterboard in your home, so why not upgrade to acoustic plasterboard for even more sound reduction benefits!

Carpet and carpet underlay: The one place you want volume when it comes to sound proofing is in your carpet. The more dense your carpet and underlay is, the better, as it improves sound reduction whilst you can enjoy extra softness. Premium and Super Premium underlay’s are made from recycled products and can be installed to reduce loud noises including heavy footsteps.

Double Glazing: Double glazed glass windows improve the quality of sound reduction against external noise, providing additional thermal benefits for heating and cooling all year round.

Doors: The more solid the door, the less sound can travel through it and disturb other rooms. So why not upgrade doors to a more solid version instead of a lighter framed door, as sound travels right through these. A variety of styles are available including traditional style solid timber doors with a stain finish, solid timber doors with deeply carved patterns suitable for paint finishes, or doors with long clean horizontal lines that give a modern streamlined look.

There are many ways to sound proof your home from choosing specific fixtures and fittings, to the fabric that covers your lounge suite to better absorb noise. Speak to a Spectra Design Consultant to find out more.

You can view this dream home theatre room at the Atlantique Mk3 home displayed at various centres around Melbourne including: Berry Lane, Mernda and Waterford, Melton.

So, to enjoy those Sunday sleep-ins and address those noise issues in and around your home, there is the perfect sound proofing option to best suit you!

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