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Our customers’ satisfaction is our reward…

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Our customers’ satisfaction is our reward…

Our customers’ satisfaction is our reward…

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Delivering a service beyond our customers’ expectations is pretty much a part of every day at Carlisle. It’s everyone’s focus, from the first impression at the display home, to the client liaison team, reception staff, construction team and warranty department, and every department in between. Everyone understands the importance of customer satisfaction, and everyone passionately shares the same goals to ‘go the extra mile’ and create moments of truth for our customers to remember.

‘From the beginning, our focus has been on superior quality and service excellence throughout the entire customer journey,’ John Doulgeridis, Managing Director.

We’ve earned our reputation for service by consistently listening to our customers and acting on feedback. Our customer satisfaction program, Customer Insights, together with our dedicated Customer Care Team, allow us to receive feedback from our customers at key milestones throughout their building journey which enables us to continually evolve our product and services to match and exceed expectations.

Testament to our genuine customer focus, we were recently awarded the No. 1 Home Builder in Victoria by, complementing our 3-time success in the Housing Industry of Australia Customer Service Award.

Above all, our best reward, and most effective form of advertising, is when our customers choose to build with us for a second, and sometimes third and fourth time. Customers, Bec and Adam have built two homes with us now, and have become passionate advocates of the Carlisle brand.

‘Carlisle’s commitment to service is obvious from the very beginning, certainly a step above the rest.’

Here at Carlisle we know that life’s better when your expectations are exceeded…again and again. Finding the right builder for your new home is an important part of the process, so your building experience is rewarding and memorable for the right reasons. Here is a handy checklist to get you started;

  • Make a list of features, room and space requirements for your new home, which will also determine the land size you will need, and help you to create your design short list,

  • Reputation is important, so speak to friends, family, land agents for recommendations, as well as stand alone review sites like Product Review,

  • Attention to detail and quality assurance will ensure your home stands the test of time, so it’s worthwhile speaking to your builder about their quality inspection process,

  • Building a new home is the biggest investment most people will ever make and you have a right to have high service expectations – check your builder’s service commitment, documented process and charter to ensure you understand their promise,

  • Nothing beats seeing the real thing, so make sure you visit the display homes to get a feel for the quality and finish your builder will deliver, and speak to the sales team to understand their promotional offers and hear an introduction to the company.

You’ve done your homework well and feel confident about your builder choice and now it is time to book in your official consultation to discuss your specific needs and get your new home journey on the way.

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