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Our Apprentices are Award-Winning!

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Our Apprentices are Award-Winning!

Our Apprentices are Award-Winning!

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At Carlisle we have a strong commitment and loyalty to our tradespeople to support and develop their professional growth and on-going career success. That’s why we’re immensely proud to announce that we’ve had four finalists in the 2013 HIA Victorian Apprentice Awards.

About the HIA Apprentice Awards

The HIA Apprentice Awards are fundamental in recognising and rewarding up and coming apprentices in the building and construction industry. The awards also acknowledge the industry’s commitment to training future leaders.

The winners are chosen from HIA apprentices across Victoria. The selection process is rigorous, involving interviews with each apprentice and their host trainer.

Apprentices are assessed on criteria such as:

  • Career and study achievements

  • Value to host trainers business

  • OH&S knowledge and adherence

  • Involvement in the community

  • Integration of on-the-job, and off-the-job training

  • Future career aspirations

And the winners are…

Apprentice Facebook Post 2 
From left, Mason Harvey and Kaine Moloney.

Carlisle Homes is proud to have four finalists within three apprentice categories:

 1. Category: 1st Year Carpentry Apprentice

  • Jake Heffernan

 2. Category: 2nd Year Carpentry Apprentice

  • Kaine  Moloney (CATEGORY WINNER)

 3. Category: Bricklayer

  • Mason Harvey (CATEGORY WINNER)

  • Danny Singles

The winners in their categories, Kaine Moloney and Mason Harvey, will be eligible to win the Overall Victorian Apprentice of the Year, to be announced at the 2013 HIA CSR Victorian Housing and Kitchen & Bathroom Awards in November. 

The winner of the Victorian division will then be included as a finalist in the HIA Australian Apprentice of the Year announced in May 2014.

Carlisle Homes spoke with HIA Apprentice Manager Chris Fortune, who gave the Carlisle boys glowing praise; “Kaine and Mason epitomise what the whole HIA Apprentice Program is all about. It’s vital to acknowledge the future leaders of the building industry in this way and to recognise their dedication and hard work.”

We wish the boys all the luck in the world!

Want to work for Carlisle Homes?

Are you thinking of a career in the building industry? Our commitment and loyalty to our employees makes us an attractive employer-of-choice in the construction industry. Read more about Careers at Carlisle.

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