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Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree

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Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree

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Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, of all the trees so lovely…

Welcome to part two of our Christmas blog special!  If we had our way we’d make Christmas stick around all year, we love it!  We had great fun styling our beautiful Christmas tables last week and this week have created the perfect trees to match in our Vaucluse and Sanctuary display homes at Somerfield Estate, Keysborough.  Don’t be surprised if when you visit you feel like moving in then and there, everything looks just perfect and ready for a festive family celebration!

We love a theme that flows from room to room to create a special festive feel through your whole home.  Small decorations in guest and powder rooms such as mini trees and wreaths are a lovely touch to get everyone in the festive mood!

We have chosen the simple lines of a pair of white limbed twig trees for the cool elegance of the Hamptons themed Vaucluse.  To complement the white gold and champagne luxury of our stunning Christmas table, our tree is adorned with delicate glass and beautiful timber ornaments, a graceful tribute to the festive season. 

Christmas2 New

Perfect for the eclectic urban glamour theme of the Sanctuary display home, our tree is the picture of sophistication with a mix of contemporary and vintage style.  A selection of striking metallics in copper, silver and black, in different materials and textures, is the perfect companion for our unstructured and glamourous table setting.

We also love a monochromatic look by choosing a single Christmas colour such as red or green and theme all your decorations in this same colour from trees to gift wrapping and lighting.  A non-Christmas colour palette can look stunning and work well with your home tones, consider warm beach pastels or even mixed floral brights for a different spin on decorations. 

A different approach is to choose a theme that reflects the personality of you and your family.  Perhaps you are all musically oriented and can use different elements such as scrolled sheet music and instruments as novel decorations.  Going for a nature inspired theme can be fun with everyone collecting items from outdoors to create an Australiana feel.   Even though we enjoy a warm Christmas in this hemisphere we still love the winter wonderland fantasy, which can be a lovely theme to work with to create that cosy festive spirit, think wintry colours like blue, silver and purple!

To create a very on-trend Christmas display, group your decorations and ornaments together in a space.  Rather than cram every corner of your home with as much tinsel and glitter as possible, make some space and design an elegant smaller display with impact instead of cluttered chaos!


Decorating for Christmas doesn’t have to cost a fortune, just an investment of your time in planning and sourcing inexpensive elements.  We have sourced most of our Christmas tree decorations from inexpensive outlets, just need to be prepared to visit a few shops to find the right combination!  This time of the year is all about families and creating lifetime memories and you just can’t beat the good old homemade decorations!  Okay, they may not always fit with the theme you have chosen, but kids, Christmas and paper chains just go together!  Check out some kids’ Christmas craft ideas here

And, don’t forget to carefully pack away all your lovely decorations at the end of the season and make sure they are stored in a sealed clean container to ensure they are fresh and usable for next year!  We found some great storage ideas, such as the tree and decoration box from Masters, and this clever step-by-step guide at Bunnings.  Turn your storage tubs into decoration holders with these great dividers from Howard’s Storage World and these deluxe quilted Christmas boxes from Harris Scarfe, now that’s getting organised.


View all of the Carlisle Homes design themes via our extensive image galleries and virtual tours and plan your display home tour of our stunning homes.  Register for our next Spectra Sneak Peak Evening and meet our interior designers to start your new home journey. 

For a behind the scenes experience and to get the scoop direct from the design team, be sure to follow us on Instagram, @Carlislehomes.  Find us on Facebook to get all the latest news and event updates.

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