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Must have outdoor accessories

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Must have outdoor accessories

Must have outdoor accessories

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The alfresco or outdoor room has totally revolutionised what we previously called ‘dinner in the backyard’, giving a whole new perspective to our home styling. Although it is an area we often tackle once we have settled into a new home, it really does need the same sort of planning and thought as the other rooms. To get you started with your planning we’d like to share 5 hot accessory ideas that you probably haven’t thought of, but really should!

Outdoor artwork

No longer is art just for inside! As long as you have walls that are reasonably protected from the elements then the right piece could really anchor your alfresco style. Create a rustic look with wrought iron sculptures or wall art perfect to symbolise the outdoor living. Or, for a real impact, a hot styling idea is integrating mirrors for your outdoor space, reflecting the natural light and giving a wonderful sense of extra space. Try the round Kmart mirror (for just $19!) with a leather strap, it looks great outside!

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The Arlington on display at Warralily Coast Estate, Armstrong Creek, and the Embleton at Rosenthal Estate, Sunbury. 


 Image sourced from Bungalow Living


Following the indoor plant craze, our green friends in colourful pots and hanging baskets make a great addition to the outdoor room. Most indoor plants will actually work in alfresco areas if they are sheltered from the sun and frost. The mother in law’s tongue plant is a striking variety, with its vertical lines giving great height to your room, check out our previous blog on indoor plants for some other ideas. 


Image sourced from

Pizza oven

Think beyond the humble Aussie barbecue and look to your own pizza kitchen for a touch of European style in your backyard. Love the profile of this oven from Aussie Heat Wave which can be moved around, or just use as a heat source on those cooler evenings.


Egg chairs and Bean bags

Real living is the perfect theme to adopt for your alfresco. Think relaxing, comfort, a place to escape from the world. You can’t go passed the ‘chillaxing’ style of the old fashioned bean bag, but what a great idea to have somewhere to hang them up when not in use for a bit of order about the place! And, the egg chair, it certainly is back in vogue right now, but why not? It embodies everything we love about down time, swinging in the breeze, snuggling into cushions, enjoying a good read; might have to get a few or there will be arguments!


Images sourced from (left) Raw Styling and (right) Moregeous

Statement lighting

Let your inside style flow through to your alfresco for true flexible inside-out living with statement lighting. The beautiful pendant light in the Indiana on display at Featherbrook Estate, Point Cook, transforms this space into lovely outdoor dining room, no more inside dinner parties!


For a behind the scenes experience and to get the scoop direct from the design team, be sure to follow us on Instagram, @Carlislehomes.


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