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Mastering the Vignette

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Mastering the Vignette

Mastering the Vignette

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What is an Interior Vignette I hear you ask? Well basically it’s an insightful impression about a character, idea or setting. To break it down even further, think about a movie like Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby and how elaborately Catherine Martin (Production Designer) brought the stunning sets to life; well vignettes are minute versions of story-telling via pieces, trinkets, books, pictures and plants. It’s an opportunity to tell a story in your home and it doesn’t have to be expensive either. Here are four creative ways to tell your story!

Shelve Your Story
Book shelves are a great way to master your unique take on interior vignettes. Here we see coffee table books, shrugs, vases, ceramic ornaments and wood accents, infused with pops of metallic and colour, all displayed in a pleasing manner inevitably making your guests (and you) stop and appreciate a special space you have created in your home.

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Green Lit
Interior Vignettes usually follow a theme and can be displayed on any flat surface around your home. Whether they are symmetrical or asymmetrical presentations, is entirely up to you and the pieces you wish to group together. Succulents, ferns, fiddle leaf fig and mother-in-law’s tongue plants, create a soothing aesthetic to the living space and work well with the glassware and prints.

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Cosy Corner
Inexpensive items can be layered to add dimension and texture to a particular corner of your home, while colour schemes add extra pizzaz to portraits or pictures that may hold sentimental, rather than monetary value. Remember it is your story, your theme, so dust off those old market bargains and play around with pieces that you believe tell your story. Asymmetrical configurations add a modern touch to what would otherwise be a classic look. Note to self, every extra piece adds another level of detail and makes the space more interesting.

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Bedtime Stories
Lamps are a staple in any home especially in the bedroom on side tables or a bureau. Teaming mirrors, prints, fresh flowers, candles and books work well to create vignettes. But if you are looking for glam factor, then you can’t go past the ‘Star Burst’ wall hangings which are so on trend right now. It’s a modern decorative piece that gives a nod to the past, not to mention bling bling!

Images found at (left) (middle) (right)

Some vignettes from our display homes…


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