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Knock Down Rebuild to create the perfect home

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Knock Down Rebuild to create the perfect home

Knock Down Rebuild to create the perfect home

Sometimes you just don’t want to move from where you live, you may love the suburb you live in but the house just doesn’t work for you anymore.

Or you may want a new house in an older established suburb but just cannot find the perfect one, you could consider purchasing an older house and using Knock Down Rebuild to create the perfect home.

Knock down rebuild is becoming a growing trend in Melbourne with many advantages over moving to a new estate or renovating or extending an existing home,

  • You can have a new house with your chosen design
  • No need to move schools or establish yourself in a new neighbourhood
  • It is generally cheaper (per square meter) to build a new house than it is to extend or renovate

There are a few things to keep in mind when considering a Knock Down Rebuild project and your chosen builder will be able to help you asses and cost these issues and viability of a knock down rebuild project for your chosen block.

  1.  Not all councils are the same, always check with your local council for building regulations that might impact your ability to have a successful knock down rebuild project.
  2. The condition of the site, the amount of fill and other work that will be needed to get it ready for building on will impact the cost of your project
  3. Location of existing gardens and buildings: Builders will require access to the site so existing gardens and buildings may need to be removed or the cost may increase if they need to be worked around ( hiring in cranes to etc)
  4. Finding a suitable floor plan to ensure maintenance of habitable windows and shadowing (Building a new two storey home and blocking out neighbours northerly sun to habitable rooms is a no no)
  5. Bus stops out front and traffic management of street on busy thoroughfares
  6. Narrow blocks and streets requiring hand cartage of materials as opposed to using trucks The key to a sucessful knock down rebuild project is always to consult your builder early on
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