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John Doulgeridis announces Community Grants Cycle 2 winners

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John Doulgeridis announces Community Grants Cycle 2 winners

John Doulgeridis announces Community Grants Cycle 2 winners

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The Directors at Carlisle Homes, John Doulgeridis and Dave Taylor, are pleased to announce seven winners in the second cycle of their Community Grants program which ran from July 1 – September 30, 2014. The winning projects cover a range of educational, sporting and community initiatives and the judges were overwhelmed with the standard and quantity of applications. The grants give locals a unique opportunity to contribute to the building of strong communities and enrich the lives of those living there.

All Community Grants winners were notified on Friday October 31 and were awarded their certificates and cheques on Tuesday November 11 by John Doulgeridis and Dave Taylor at the award winning SPECTRA Selection Centre.

John Doulgeridis pictured with awards winners

John Doulgeridis, Director commented “As a company that works in new areas and new suburbs, we are giving back to local communities by providing funding for real ‘grass roots’ initiatives”.

Carlisle Homes is pleased to further our involvement with local communities. As a company that is one of many working in new areas and new suburbs of our great city, we are giving back to local communities by way of our Community Grants Program.

Below is a summary of the winning projects for Cycle 2 Community Grants;

Pakenham Cricket Club in Pakenham has won a $7,000 grant to be put towards their training nets upgrade. Pakenham Cricket Club has seen an increase in their teams this season and this grant will go towards a much need upgrade of their current well used and run-down training nets.

Centre Road Kindergarten award

Centre Road Kindergarten will receive a $2000 grant to upgrade their play equipment. The play equipment no longer meets new, updated safety requirements and cannot be used. This grant will bring the play equipment up to current safety standards.

Rotary Club of Whittlesea has won $10,000 worth of funding for the building of their storage facility. Currently all of the Rotary’s equipment, ranging from barbeques to tables and chairs, are stored at different Rotary members’ houses. The council has provided the Rotary with some land at Walker Reserve to build the facility.

Rotary Club of Whittlesea

The Next Charity has been granted $7,750 for their project, Personalised Music for Memory iPod. The internationally acclaimed Music & Memory program has proven that people in care facilities who may be suffering from a wide range of cognitive and physical challenges find renewed meaning and connection in their lives through the gift of personalized music delivered via iPod technology. This grant will provide iPods and headphones for the program recipients.

The Next Charity

Berwick Panthers Basketball Club has won a $7,200 to upgrade their training equipment. This grant will provide new training balls and bags for all of their teams and equipment bags for the coaches and team managers for training and game days.

Berwick Panthers Basketball Club

1st Caroline Springs Scout Group has received a $6,284 grant to be put towards their facility and storage upgrade at their King Park site. With the money won in the Community Grants Program, it will assist in fitting out the shipping container for storage of camping equipment.

1st Caroline Springs Scout Group

Carlisle Homes is excited to work with all the winners to bring their community initiative to life and will be updating its website and Facebook page with progress via photos and video footage.

Applications are open for Cycle 3 grants with nominations due by December 31, 2014. Entry is open to community groups and not-for-profit organisations of any size. Charities, educational, health, arts or sporting organisations with a specific and tangible project in mind are all encouraged to apply for a Carlisle Homes Community grant.

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