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It’s time to play and learn at the new look Abacus Learning Centre

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It’s time to play and learn at the new look Abacus Learning Centre

It’s time to play and learn at the new look Abacus Learning Centre

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2016 saw an exciting new start for the Abacus Learning Centre, with a move to a new premises in Hastings. Through a grant of $16,900 from Carlisle Homes Community Grants, awarded in September last year, the new centre now has secure fencing, with child proof gates and shade sails to provide protected valuable outdoor learning opportunities.

Abacus provides programs specifically designed to enable children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to reach their fullest potential. Moving from individual indoor teaching to the distractions of outdoors can be difficult for autistic children, but vital for practicing learning skills. This new play space will allow students to practice language, play and social skills to enable them to participate in future learning and social environments.

The official launch this month was a great chance for the Carlisle team to see the Community Grants funding in action and experience the difference we can make within the communities we are building.

The 2016 2nd Grants Cycle is now open for applications, until June 30, visit the Carlisle Homes website for more details.

The new Abacus centre before the works began…

The new fencing and shade sail cloths make such a difference and create a safe and secure play space…

The Carlisle team visit Abacus Learning Centre

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