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Hot Trends In Interior Design

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Hot Trends In Interior Design

Hot Trends In Interior Design

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Our talented design team have shared their knowledge with us on three design trends recently featured in our Display Centres:

Coastal, Vintage Industrial and Nordic Infusion.

Vintage Industrial

This styling draws its inspiration from the beginning of the industrial age. These vintage industrial inspired interiors are from the Albany, on display at Berry Lane estate, Mernda (top), and Featherbrook estate, Point cook (bottom).

To create a vintage industrial style in your own home, our design team recommends:

  • Use replica furniture pieces in walnuts and industrial metals
  • Use statement industrial lighting such as warehouse style pendant lights
  • Interesting decorative accessories and artwork incorporating or inspired by vintage collectables
  • Start with clean and crisp base colours with splashes of colour if desired


Using a coastal design can make you feel like you are on summer holidays all year around. This interior taken from our Pavillion, on display at Aston Estate, Craigbieburn

Pavillion 44 Lounge Heroes 100 Aston L 1024x696

To get this ”living life by the sea” look, our design team recommends:

  • Clean lines with natural materials and textures
  • Keep your walls light to give you a crisp clean feel
  • Choose furniture that evokes images of beachside living such as distressed furniture or these side and coffee tables that echo the look of lobster pots or fishing baskets
  • Use coastal themed accessories such as these feature propellers or fans. Alternately use net or rope or gather natural items such as driftwood or shells.

Nordic Infusion

Give your new home an air of cool sophistication with this Nordic inspired interior as shown in the Viera, on display at Williams Landing.

Viera 29 Living 1529 Williams Landing L 1024x629

To achieve this Nordic interior, our design team recommends:

  • Furniture with clean lines and the use of simple, natural materials such as timbers, hides, leathers and wool.
  • The use of cool and warm greys add contrast and a sense of sophistication.
  • Interesting artwork will make a bold and dramatic statement.

See these great interiors in person!

Berry Lane Estate
11-19 Tangelo Grove, Mernda
T: 03 87504200
Melway Map: 390 H12
Opening hours Open 11am – 5pm, 7 days

Williams Landing Estate
10 – 16 Opsum Way, Williams Landing
T: 03 8750 3098
Melway Map: 203 J7
Opening hours Open 11am – 5pm, 7 Days

Aston Estate
27 – 35 Vantage Blvd, Craigieburn
T: 03 8348 0000
Melway Map: 386 B8
Opening hours Open 11am – 5pm, 7 Days

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