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Home Love - Interior Design Seminar

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Home Love - Interior Design Seminar

Home Love - Interior Design Seminar

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Last weekend we had our first interior design event at our new Atherstone Estate Display Home in Melton South. Presented by our expert design team, Head Interior Designer, Danielle Taylor and SPECTRA Showroom Manager, Tamara Spencer.

The seminar was created to inspire and show you how to get the best out of your home and of course showcase a few basic decorating principles to follow:

A Beginners Guide to Home Decorating

Start with Neutrals

  • When thinking about interior design, try and see your house as a totality rather than trying to decorate each room with unique themes. Instead, you should try to have a common neutral colour throughout all your rooms.
  • For example, why not pick three or four neutral colours and use them in a variety of ways and in slightly different shades throughout the house?
  • Popular neutral colours that work anywhere, include latte, off-white and soft greys. A lot of this trend is drawn from metal, timber, leather, and stone.
  • Keep drapes, walls and main pieces of furniture to a neutral colour.

Colours with Bright Hues

  • Put an element of bright colour in every room with your accessories.
  • Use glass, functional and ornamental objects such as fruit bowls to add personality against the neutral palettes of the room.
  • Popular colours at the moment include citrus yellow, pistachio, turquoise and silvers.
  • Use metallics and textures to break it up.


Writers Penthouse3

  • The beauty of using accessories like, cushions, books, glassware, frames, is they can be changed with the season’s and trends and won’t break the budget.
  • The inspiration for the Writer’s Penthouse, for the Ashwood came from a vintage wallpaper that featured  calligraphy pens.
  • To achieve a similar look, tear out pages from second hand books and place in a frame for decorating a study or writer's corner.



  • Choose a variety of sizes for cushions, use plain designs, metallics and textured fabrics.
  • Use firm foam cushions to create a structured look or softer cushions with feather inserts to create a relaxed look.


Decorative Lighting


  • Replace table lamps with a drop pendant light to add personality or a focal point to a room.
  • Try adding one or two drop lights over an island bench or dining table.


Where to source?

Our expert team recommends sourcing from everyday local stores, including Masters, Spotlight, Target, Ikea, and Freedom to create a spectacular look, at a fraction of the cost.

More FREE Interior Design Seminars to come

If you missed our Atherstone Estate Interior Design seminar, we’re planning further interior design seminars throughout the year at various display homes. There’s sure to be one near you – we’re soon to have 77 display homes in 22 different locations.

The FREE events keep coming

Our calendar of Interior Design Seminars are just the tip of the iceberg!

We also have a series of information sessions that give you the chance to get expert insight and advice about:

And you don’t have to be building with Carlisle. All events are complimentary and obligation free.

We look forward to welcoming you to the next Carlisle Homes FREE information session. You can check dates and RSVP here.

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