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Going Green at Brentwood Park Primary School

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Going Green at Brentwood Park Primary School

Going Green at Brentwood Park Primary School

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We caught up with the kids from Brentwood Park Primary School Carlisle Community Grant winner in the inaugural round of Community Grants, back in 2014. They have certainly put their $9,660 grant for a new veggie patch to good use, and it is great to see the project thriving!

The veggie garden inquiry learning project has been implemented by the Year Four Learning Team and students as part of the sustainability cross-curriculum initiative of AusVELS. The students grow the vegetables and encourage the school community to grow their own vegetables at home and hence eat healthily. The Year Four students take responsibility for the veggie garden, using the produce to create interesting and healthy recipes and they also sell produce from the garden to the school community.

‘The veggie patch has made a significant impact on the students’ learning. As well as promoting sustainability, the inquiry learning project integrates all aspects of the curriculum with real life mathematics, such as weighing, measuring, ordering and cooking,’ Jenny, Brentwood Park PS.

The students have even entered their produce in the Pakenham Show and have won many prizes! Two of the grade 4 students have very cleverly put together a video to show off their green thumbs, and we’re impressed!

‘We love sharing the progress of grant winner’s projects with the Carlisle team, it’s one thing to be presenting the cheques but to see the end results and the impact it has in the community, is very rewarding for all of us,’ – John Doulgeridis, Director Carlisle Homes.

Since the launch of Community Grants Program in 2014, Carlisle has contributed over $415,000 to over 47 worthy causes across sporting clubs, education institutions and health and caring projects. The current application cycle concludes September 30, for more details click here.

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