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Exploring Williams Landing

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Exploring Williams Landing

Exploring Williams Landing

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“Williams Landing takes its name from the historic aviation base on which it is located, RAAF Williams airfield. It’s named after Air Marshal Sir Richard Williams, the man many regard as the ‘father’ of the Royal Australian Air Force. “Read more about the history of Williams Landing“

Williams Landing is situated just 19km from Melbourne’s CBD, and when completed will accommodate 2500 homes, a major town centre, railway station, regional bus interchange and offer direct freeway access. It is already well established with the railway station and freeway interchange underway and due for completion in 2013.

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The town centre is planned to provide a vibrant city centre with plans for shops, retail office space, entertainment complexes, professional services, major retailers and a Masters Home Improvement store scheduled to open in 2013/2014

Williams Landing also has 15 hectares of parks and proposed sporting fields, all linked by a network of pedestrian and cycle paths, and the adjacent Federation bike trail, providing plenty of options for exercise and enjoying outside.

Additionally three conservation reserves have been set aside to protect native grasslands and a wetland environment. These areas are good examples of the native vegetation that is indigenous to the region and feature numerous species of flora and fauna that are of national and state significance. The protected areas also represent some of Australia’s most threatened ecological communities. Read more about the wetlands at Williams Landing.

Carlisle Homes currently has three homes open for display at Williams Landing, the Haven, Lexington and Montrose, and will open 4 new homes, including one new design, in early 2013.

We offer fantastic value for money house and packages at Williams Landing from the Essentials Series, T-Range and Affinity Collection, and right now with our “More Luxury” promotion our house and land packages have more inclusions and more luxury.

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