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Explore the latest interior design themes at Carlisle Homes' newest Display Centre, Berwick Waters

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Explore the latest interior design themes at Carlisle Homes' newest Display Centre, Berwick Waters

Explore the latest interior design themes at Carlisle Homes' newest Display Centre, Berwick Waters

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Come and visit Carlisle's four homes on display at the new Berwick Waters Estate; all with fresh new interior design themes. Be inspired by the latest work of our Interior Design Manager, Danielle Taylor.

We interviewed Carlisle's Interior Design Manager, Danielle Taylor, to get her perspective on the interior design themes of Carlisle's homes at Berwick Waters.

"Each home has a unique interior design theme that is easy to apply to your own home. These themes can be adopted in your own home – even on a tight budget! All it takes is a bit of flair, time and the confidence to express your own creativity."

Atlantique: Vintage Bahamas

Imagine living a Bahamas resort lifestyle in your very own home? The Atlantique MK4 from the Affinity Collection makes this glamorous dream a reality.

Atlantique 33 MK4 Rumpus 092 Berwick Waters BLOG3

"We wanted a relaxed and luxurious feel for the Atlantique to create a 'home away from home' atmosphere. The theming was complimented by the use of old tennis racquets, seashells and surf-inspired artwork of vintage sepia-toned coastal scenery."

To create the Vintage Bahamas theme, Danielle suggests textured wallpapers, natural-toned linen fabrics and contrasting dark wood finishes create a sense of calm and luxury. An old wooden travel chest makes an informal coffee table. Tasteful and elegant cane furniture provides a tropical feel. Overall vanilla tones for interior walls keep spaces open, airy and full of light. Green foliage contrasts with creams and neutral tones to bring the outside, in.

View the Atlantique Gallery here.

Riva: Calm Contemporary

The Riva is one of our brand new single-storey home designs only on display at Berwick Waters. The epitome of minimalist, contemporary design, the Riva’s interiors are full of open space and light.

Riva 29 Rumpus 122 Berwick Waters L BLOG2

"With the Riva we went for a very modern feel but keeping a calm soft flow to create a harmonious design theme. The overall colour palette is of light neutral tones with natural details like stone and unfinished timber."

To create the Calm Contemporary theme, fill your home with soft cable-knitted cushions, earth-toned throw rugs, and luxurious couches. Natural wood tones create a grounded rustic elegance throughout, a nice contrast to a neutral palette. Contrasting textures in pale tones add interest to the overall theme.

View the Riva Gallery here.

Sorrento: Casablanca

The Sorrento is a two-storey home from our Affinity Collection a classic in modern contemporary home design featuring bold black, white and grey interior theming with a distinctly Golden Age of Hollywood feel.

"The Sorrento's theme is like walking onto a movie set! A really fun and bold idea that you can easily do in your own home. Indulge your inner movie persona and showcase black and white artwork to create a sense of glamour and romance."

Sorrento 43 Powder 153 Berwick Waters V2 BLOG2

To create the Casablanca theme, make use of bold sharp prints contrasting white, along with shiny chrome accessories. Mid-20th Century style sofas create an elegant yet relaxed atmosphere. Black subway tiles in the bathroom add glamour and an ageless feel. Touches of stainless steel impart an urban sophistication.

View the Sorrento Gallery here.

Vienna: Eco Industrial

The Vienna is one of our brand new home designs that showcase the contemporary Eco Industrial look within a modern, light-filled, double-storey home.

"The Eco Industrial look is very popular right now. With the Vienna we wanted to embrace this theme and yet keep the atmosphere light and spacious. We used warm, recycled timbers to set colour and tone. The theme continues across the kitchen with charcoal bench tops, complemented by black iron and metal features and glass fittings to further illustrate the industrial feel."

Vienna 38 Kitchen 117 Berwick Waters BLOG2

The Eco Industrial theme sources recycled timber furniture with a raw unfinished look for warmth and depth of character. Use warm walnut laminates in the kitchen and walnut wallpapers to contrast grey and white tones in soft furnishings. Touches of funky retro objects and industrial artwork provide points of interest and add to the overall look and feel.

View the Vienna Gallery here.

Need home interior design inspiration? Visiting a Home Display Centre is a great way to tap into the interior designer within and explore new ideas for your own home. 

Want to see these design themes for yourself?

Visit the Berwick Waters Display Centre at:

19-25 Flowerbloom Cres
Clyde North
Melway: 131 C8
Call (03) 5915 9116

You can also view our other display centres around the Melbourne metropolitan area.


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