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DIY Easter craft in STYLE

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DIY Easter craft in STYLE

DIY Easter craft in STYLE

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When Easter falls in the school holidays the pressure is absolutely on to get the kids going on some Easter craft projects. And, these crafts will absolutely be on display throughout your home over the holiday break. With that in mind, it’s time to step up the craft stakes and add an element of style (which may actually mean some parent intervention is in order)…

We’ve found some Easter lovelies to get your craft ideas hopping.

1. The Easter Bunny needs to know where to stop
While traditionally we see the ‘Santa stop here’ signs at Christmas, doesn’t the Easter Bunny need the same guidance to plug into his Google maps? These seem pretty easy to make, some timber off cuts and a few paint sample pots from Bunnings and you’re on the map.

(Image source: Confessions of a Serial DIYer and Clean and Scentsible)

2. Everyone loves a pompom
Nearly everyone (even little fingers) can make a pompom to create these little cotton tails, and the kids could decorate their own bunnies for an individual look! These could just as easily be chickens with yellow fluffy pompoms too!

3. Mason jars of goodness
Create splashes of colour with mason jars filled with Easter treats, perfect as table decorations. And, give them to your Easter guests as they leave, it’s the perfect combination. If chocolate is their thing, fill with bunny shaped cookies for a home baked touch.

(Image source: Clean and Scentsible and Hobby Craft UK)

4. Easter trees are now a thing
In case you have been living in a cave, Easter trees are now big news. Move over Santa, the Bunny is taking over. Make an activity of finding the perfect piece of driftwood or branch from the park, and decorate with homemade ornaments and treats.

5. Don’t be afraid to outsource
But, if DIY craft is not your thing, you can still add some Easter themes to your home without spending a fortune. Just pack them away after the holidays, just like the Christmas baubles, and bring them out next April! You can’t go passed these little darlings from Bed Bath n Table.


Bed Bath n Table

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