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Discover the mystique of Morocco

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Discover the mystique of Morocco

Discover the mystique of Morocco

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The exotic flavours of Morocco can be an exciting source of design inspiration when it comes to choosing a style influence for your new home. With a colourful merging of French, Portuguese, Spanish and Mediterranean themes; Moroccan styling embodies an eclectic yet sophisticated polished look.

While the traditional Casbah evokes images of vibrant colours, busyness and excitement; contemporary Moroccan styling captures the iconic elements with a refined approach. Hints of silver and chrome colour the signature mosaic pattern to create a neutral palette with bursts of the exotic. If you’ve already explored the Moroccan styled Matisse at Jubilee Estate in Wyndham Vale, we’ve found some lovely statement pieces to kick start your new worldly style.

Carved pattern pewter frames from Bed Bath n Table with intricate patterns in vintage silver finishes, create a link to these faraway lands, and partner perfectly with most colour palettes.

For an authentic Moroccan-style boudoir; texture, layers and an abundance of pillows or cushions create the luxurious Mediterranean look. This quilt set by Amara is inspired by the intricacy of the signature Moroccan tile motif paired with a warm, muted and earthy colour combination.

Nothing captures true Moroccan style like the versatile ottoman or leather pouffe! Emulate the iconic geometric pattern with the grey fabric ottoman from Temple and Webster, or opt for traditional with a black leather pouffe from Maison and Maison. Pendant styles can really bring your interior style together. The beauty of this silver pendant from Living Styles, creates a focal point both day and night with its intricate design and signature Moroccan shape.

Without question, we love the Armadillo and Co brand, and are thrilled to find they produce a Beni Ourain inspired floor rug. Named after the mountain tribes famous for these signature rugs, the Atlas Weave features large scale patterning with a traditional hand knot, perfect for your Mediterranean style.

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