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Customer Satisfaction Program is key to recent award says John Doulgeridis

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Customer Satisfaction Program is key to recent award says John Doulgeridis

Customer Satisfaction Program is key to recent award says John Doulgeridis

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Carlisle Homes is proud have been awarded as the No. 1 Home Builder in Melbourne and Victoria in the inaugural 2016 Product Review Awards. is Australia’s leading product review site, seeing more than 200,000 reviews written by members per year, critiquing a diverse range of products and services, with reviews being read by over 4 million consumers each month. If you are considering a new purchase, or trying a new service, then you should be heading to the review site to find out how it rates with real customers!

Recognised as the 2016 Product Review No.1 Home Builder in Melbourne and Victoria, along with our 4.7-star rating, you can rest assured that our focus on quality, service and value is second to none.

This award echoes our recent success in the 2016 HIA Awards, being named as No.1 Builder for Customer Service in Victoria for the fourth consecutive year. It’s our customer-led approach to service, with a focus on listening and learning and a commitment to continuous improvement, that genuinely places our customers’ experience at the heart of everything we do.

Managing Director, John Doulgeridis says "Our customer satisfaction program, Customer Insights, together with our dedicated Customer Care Team, allow us to receive feedback from our customers at key milestones throughout their building journey which enables us to continually evolve our product and services to match and exceed expectations."

Listening to our customers and acting on feedback is the essential ingredient in our unwavering goal to build homes of exceptional quality, exceeding our customers’ expectations.

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