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Community Grants Cycle 3 Now Open!

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Community Grants Cycle 3 Now Open!

Community Grants Cycle 3 Now Open!

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Cycle 2 of our Community Grants program concluded on Tuesday 30th September. Once again, we received an overwhelming number of applications covering a range of local community initiatives. Throughout the month of October, the judging panel which includes a Director or Carlisle Homes, John Doulgeridis, will review the shortlisted applications before announcing the Cycle 2 winners on Friday 31st October.

With two of the Community Grant cycles completed, the momentum and awareness of this great initiative continues to grow as we enter Cycle 3, which commenced on Wednesday 1st October.

Applications are open for Cycle 3 Community Grants with nominations due by Wednesday 31st December, 2014. If you are a part of a community group or a not-for-profit organisation of any size, this is the perfect opportunity to bring your community initiative to life! Charities, educational, health, arts or sporting organisations with a specific and tangible project in mind are all encouraged to apply for a Carlisle Homes Community grant.

Visit the website to apply!

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