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Choosing the Right Home and Land Package

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Choosing the Right Home and Land Package

Choosing the Right Home and Land Package

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For most of us reading a floor plan can be tricky, not to mention trying to understand contour lines on a piece of land engineering! So, if you aren’t already a land owner, it makes good sense to consult an expert when choosing the perfect block of land and matching the right home design to suit your lifestyle needs, budget and timeframe.

A home and land package means all the hard work has been done for you. The most desirable lots have been chosen and packaged with our best-selling designs to make the most of energy efficiency, outdoor space and streetscape. All the package needs now is the finishing touches to make it yours. A home and land package is the logical step to ensure all of the basics are sorted, ensuring you can then focus on the exciting stuff such as, kitchen design and colour schemes - forget the stress of doing it all yourself!

The most important part is choosing the right builder for you. But be aware, they aren’t all offering the same inclusions! Once you have an idea of the area you would like to live in, it’s time to choose your builder. Remember this is probably the biggest investment you will ever make, so it is important to choose the right builder. Follow these tips to get you on the path to home and land ownership!

How to choose YOUR builder?

1.   What’s included?
If you are on the hunt for a new home you are probably seeing home and land packages popping up everywhere, especially during your online research. Just like any retail offer, it’s important to make sure you are comparing ‘apples with apples’. Some key areas to consider are: fixed site costs, developer and council requirements, the builders standard inclusions and any current promotions.

2.    Is the builder offering a fixed price?
You may come across packages that are advertised as priced ‘from’, this can mean that the price isn’t fixed and can change unexpectedly, which isn’t always the ideal scenario for your finance solution. A fixed price means that your site costs are calculated and your council and developer requirements are included from the time you deposit, so there are no unexpected surprises! It takes the stress out of unexpected costs later down the track and is perfect for the Investment Property Buyer or First Home Buyer on a limited budget.

3.   Reputation is important…
As the old saying goes, ‘if it sounds too good to be true, then it generally is’. This definitely rings true with choosing a home and land package. Buying a new home is the biggest investment many of us will ever make, so while price is important and the home design needs to fit with your needs, above all, your choice of builder is paramount. Carlisle’s home and land specialists work very closely with land developers, to make sure they have the ‘pick’ of the blocks, understand all of the covenant and design guidelines and can secure the best price. In addition, it is a good idea to check out highly regarded forums such as Product Review, and to research industry accredited awards and achievements to fine-tune your search.

4.    Guaranteed build time
The location is right, the design is perfect, the price fits with your budget, everything is tick, tick, tick! But when can you be in your new home? Make sure you ask your builder about the building timeline, and what can be guaranteed, you can then plan your move and your house warming party! A documented timeline, guaranteed communication along the journey and a transparent quality assurance process will empower you to be actively involved in the building of your dream home!

To find out more about home and land packages and what is available across Melbourne and Geelong, visit a Carlisle Homes display centre or contact our team.

For a behind the scenes experience and to get the scoop direct from the design team, be sure to follow us on Instagram, @Carlislehomes.

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