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Carlisle Homes Is Highly Recommended!

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Carlisle Homes Is Highly Recommended!

Carlisle Homes Is Highly Recommended!


Carlisle Homes Pty Ltd Scores 94.97% for Customer Satisfaction

The judging process for the 2013 Australian Achiever Awards for Australia’s Building Construction, Building Design, Decoration & Architect Services Category was completed on 30th January.

Carlisle Homes Pty Ltd scored a highly recommended 94.97%.

Now into its sixteenth year, the Australian Achiever Awards are an independent, unbiased award system based on assessment ratings from a business’s own customers – an indication of a well run business where satisfied customers are a sign that a business is healthy, worthy of praise and increased custom.

The award system focuses on seven criteria, each scored separately, namely: Time Related Services, Addressing Client Needs, Care and Attention, Value, Attitude, Communication and Overall Perception.  The criteria are rated individually in percentage terms and the final score is an amalgam of these.  Anything above 80% overall is regarded as exceptional and reflects outstanding customer service.  A complete list of all businesses who have achieved over the last five years can be viewed

Some of the comments Australian Achiever received about Carlisle Homes Pty Ltd clients are:

This is a truly excellent business to deal with.  They did everything they said they would do, they were attentive and very easy to deal with.  Their Sales Consultant was absolutely fabulous.  He was very careful to take us through absolutely everything the build would entail.  Their three month maintenance check was exceptional – it was obvious they wanted their customers to be happy and anything which needed doing at this stage was purely cosmetic and was dealt with straight away.

I found the staff at the display home very helpful and informative but I was particularly impressed with the contract signing process.  I was left with no questions to ask.  They ensured that everything was very clearly stated and I had a very clear understanding of what I was expected to do and what I could expect from them.  They were very professional in their attitude but at the same time very open and clear in their explanations.

We have never dealt with such great builders before – they were awesome.  They were miles ahead of others we’ve dealt with, nothing was hidden their costings were correct and at the 3-month inspection everything was noted and dealt with immediately.  Our site supervisor was brilliant too.  If we had the slightest concern, he was there, he took it seriously and it was dealt with immediately.

ENDS: For verification of this report, please call

Geoff Harwood, Director, Australian Achiever, 1800 638 318

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