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Carlisle Homes Community Grants Improving Communities

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Carlisle Homes Community Grants Improving Communities

Carlisle Homes Community Grants Improving Communities

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Carlisle Homes is pleased to announce four Community Grants winners in Cycle 2, 2015 which ran from April 1, 2015 – June 30, 2015.  Winners were presented on Tuesday August 4 by Community Grants ambassador Shane Crawford and Jeremy Hanger, Group Marketing Manager.

The winning projects cover a range of educational and community initiatives and the judges were overwhelmed with the standard and quantity of applications. The grants give locals a unique opportunity to contribute to the building of strong communities and enrich the lives of those living there.

Below is a summary of the winning projects for Cycle 2, 2015 Community Grants: 

Cranbourne Football Club has won a $4,500 grant to be put towards their equipment upgrade for both the football and netball clubs.







Good Shepherd Australia and New Zealand has been granted $12,000 for Wallaroo Community House and Kindergarten in West Hastings. This project will upgrade the Community House access and playground area and encourage a link from the community house to the Primary School.







Brandon Park Primary School will receive a $17,733 grant to install a fitness circuit (10 activity areas) around their sports oval. The equipment will enhance their physical education program and provide a community asset for use outside school hours by the community, including sports and fitness organisations. Overall they aim to encourage active lifestyles in children and adults. 






Neighbourhood Watch Victoria has won a $9,500 grant to provide new Neighbourhood Watch signs for new housing developments in Greater Dandenong and replace existing worn and missing signs across the region.  This will improve safety and educate residents in crime prevention along with building new community ties in new housing estates (Keysborough & Dandenong South) and reconnecting with residents in existing suburbs.







Carlisle Homes is excited to work with all the winners to bring their community initiative to life and will be updating its website and Facebook page with progress via photos and video footage.

Applications are open for Cycle 3, 2015 grants with nominations due by September 30, 2015. Entry is open to community groups and not-for-profit organisations of any size. Charities, educational, health, arts or sporting organisations with a specific and tangible project in mind are all encouraged to apply for a Carlisle Homes Community grant.

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