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Carlisle Homes Announces new winners

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Carlisle Homes Announces new winners

Carlisle Homes Announces new winners

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Shane Crawford joins the latest Community Grants winners to officially hand over the ‘giant’ cheques and hear about the inspiring plans for each project.

This month marked the 9th Community Grant presentation since the start of the program in 2014. To date Carlisle has provided a great start to many worthy applicants with over 47 grants totally $415,948.

The second cycle of applications for this year again attracted an astounding volume of applications across a diverse range of sports and recreation, health and caring, and education and training projects within the local communities where Carlisle is actively building homes.

We are very excited to announce the successful applicants for Cycle 2, 2016, we look forward to being involved in these very worthy projects,

Mulgrave Park Preschool $7,000 towards a new water play channel

Melbourne Youth Chorale $20,000 to source new uniforms, music and storage facilities

K&K Calisthenics $8,030 towards new uniforms and equipment

Cerebral Palsy Education Centre $10,000 to purchase new specialised equipment

Brentwood Secondary School $1,500 for a new outdoor learning space

Epping North Scout Group $6,600 for a new gear storage container project

The Carlisle Community Grants program contributes up to $50,000 per quarter to local sporting and community not-for-profit groups.

While Carlisle has a reputation for building homes of exceptional quality and delivering customer service excellence - recognised by the HIA as multiple winner of the Victorian HIA Customer Service Award and the current custodian of Victoria’s HIA Most Professional Builder title - we also understand how important it is to develop strong infrastructure systems for the local communities within which we are building.

Our Community Grants program to support ‘grass roots’ initiatives and become active participants in the development of new community foundations, is an initiative of which we are incredibly proud. Our staff are passionate about being involved in grant winners’ projects, a culture we continue to nurture and support.

The current cycle for Community Grants is open for applications until September 30, read more.

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