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At home with the Camilleri Family

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At home with the Camilleri Family

At home with the Camilleri Family

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You’ll know the right home when you find it, they said. You will feel instantly at home, like you can throw your keys on the bench and sink into the couch; that ‘it’s nice to be home’ feeling. When you’re ‘New home shopping’, you have your ‘must have’ list and at some stage that overlaps with your ‘wish list’, so you end up creating your ‘wish-wish list’… and so it goes on.

At the end of the day what’s important is finding the right home solution to suit your needs now – the entertainers among us, the home bodies, outdoorsy family – and for how you will live your life into future.

When the Camilleri family found their dream T-Range home they knew it straight away.

‘We just felt the floorplan was right for us.’

And, any wonder, T Range is perfect for growing families, with flexible living zones, innovative design and lots of options to make it your very own.

‘We love the open plan meals and living spaces’

The Camilleris love their Orlando 35 home. They found the perfect design to fit their family’s lifestyle. And, with the long list of luxury inclusions and focus on genuine affordability, they are looking forward to watching their kids grow up in their new Carlisle home.

It’s those little moments at home with family that make life better. Explore the T-Range home collection and you’re sure to the one that is just right for you.

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