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Animal Lover Décor

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Animal Lover Décor

Animal Lover Décor

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Un-tame your bespoke, wild-side, with tasteful animal inspiration, always keeping in mind, there is a fine line between trendy and tacky. Never before has tribal patterned accents, creative creature artworks, animalistic figurines and ornaments been so hot. We explore four ways to un-leash your inner-designer-beast with trends currently taking the interior design world by storm.

Wild and Free
A subtle call to the wild, transforms a living area into a talking point. Sculptures are making a comeback and add conversational edge to your décor. Animal accents are an easy way to incorporate your child like wonder and style into your home. Place a few quirky pieces of driftwood on a table, to add extra dimension. Sculptures are a fabulous decorative novelty and not permanent fixtures so when you tire of a beast, pop it back into its cave or cupboard!

Images found at (left) Amberley at Woodlea Estate (middle) Illawarra at The Address (right)

Animal Logic
Adding animal prints into textiles, bedding or wall art, is a great way of accessorising your home and stamping it with your unique style and to suit your family’s lifestyle. Choose artwork that brings out the colours of your surrounding interiors and contains images that highlight the spirit of your home.

Images found at (left) Colorado at Harpley Estate (middle) (right) Cromwell at The Address

Whether you love animal skin rugs, or pops of natural print like zebra, leopard or giraffe, now is your chance to be bold and brave. Opt for a few statement pieces then keep the rest of the space filled with solid neutral colours. To make this work effortlessly in your home, work-out how much colour, pattern and texture influence you want in the room and design it in a way that is in line with your personality.

Images found at (left) (middle) (right)

Good Will Hunting
If you can't quite bring yourself to go down the live, then what about the ‘literally stuffed’ look, faux taxidermy animal ornaments are definitely the way to go. These creature-features can be made from antique bronze, ceramic or paper-mache, and can be sourced from ebay, Etsy or Ikea. They pack the same punch without the hunting story behind it. It's an innovative way of bringing the jungle into your living space and expressing your quirky side as well.

Images found at (le ft) (middle) (right) (far right) Inspire Gallery

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